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  • 17.09.2019

    Are you ready for a dream vacation at Ela Quality Resort Belek?

    A holiday paradise nested in Belek, Antalya's beautiful nature and the mesmerising blue of the Mediterranean full of amazing stories: Ela Quality Resort Belek...

    Ela Quality Resort Belek has a beachfront location among 15 golf courses in Belek, one of the finest international destinations for golf, and offers a 270 m beach, 1100 m² pier and 110,000 m² green space, bringing the inviting shades of blue and green and the beautiful climate of the Mediterranean together with impeccable service.

    Living spaces custom-designed by world-famous architects and villas and suites with views of the sea and nature...

    Ela Quality Resort has thought of every single detail to host you and your family in luxury and comfort. Each day at Ela Quality Resort is full of fun and sports activities and the kids get to have the holiday of their dreams at Everland Q, the amazing kids’ complex.

    Have an amazing holiday full of special moments, wonderful sensations of the sun, sea and nature, superior comfort, charming luxury and excellent service.

    Book now to enjoy a luxurious holiday at Ela Quality Resort Belek

  • 10.09.2019

    Fire of Anatolia & Troy

    Dear Partners,

    A synthesis of hundreds of folkdance figures and music from different regions, Fire of Anatolia is a unique project whose source is Anatolia’s ancient mythological and cultural history. The group hopes to introduce the world to the fire that arises from the ancient mosaic of love, cultural history and peace in Anatolia.

    The Fire of Anatolia, which is regarded as one of the best dance groups of the world because of countless international tours and various promotional activities has taken great steps in realizing this goal.

    Troy is as old as the stories in the Sacred Book…Historical Ilion or “Wilusa” city, as called by the Hittites, located in Hisarlık region of Canakkale and founded thousands years ago has served as basis for many ancient myth… for one of the oldest and most known stories of the history of humankind, where the dreams and truth, science and utopia mixed into each other…

    The western civilization is indebted its cultural inheritance to Troy Myth but nothing else. This story, which was deemed as happened in 1180 BC, was again written to the memory of the humanity by an Anatolian Poet. The story which had been written down by Homeros, born in Izmir, in his immortal books of Iliada and Odysseia, had taken its place among the most known compositions of world.

  • 17.09.2019

    Big opportunities at Villa Tal!

    25% discount for stays up to 1 October 2019.

  • 13.09.2019

    Regnum Carya

    Regnum Carya in der Türkei ist jetzt zu Sonderpreisen erhältlich.

    Überprüfen Sie unser Hotelportfolio, um das Sonderangebot zu erhalten.